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Windows 10 and Windows 11 original release. By helping you streamline the deployment of updates, Windows 10 and Windows 11 original release also enable you to quickly deliver the latest innovations to end users, thereby increasing collaboration and productivity. For more information about Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 original release client plans and pricing please see the Azure Marketplace.

Note Follow WindowsUpdate to find out when new content is published to the release information dashboard. For example, in For known issues please visit the Windows release health dashboard. Cumulative KB NET KB SetupDU KB SafeOS KB Onboard previous versions of Windows Onboard supported versions of Windows machines so that they can send sensor data to the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint sensor.

Cloud clipboard helps users copy content between devices. It also manages the clipboard history so that you can paste your old copied data. Set up Cloud clipboard:. Turn on Sync across devices. Chose whether or not to automatically sync copied text across your devices.

We introduced a simplified assigned access configuration experience in Settings that allows device administrators to easily set up a PC as a kiosk or digital sign. A wizard experience walks you through kiosk setup including creating a kiosk account that will automatically sign in when a device starts. To use this feature, go to Settings , search for assigned access , and open the Set up a kiosk page. Public browsing supports multi-tab browsing and runs InPrivate mode with minimal features available.

Users cannot minimize, close, or open new Microsoft Edge windows or customize them using Microsoft Edge Settings. Users can clear browsing data and downloads, and restart Microsoft Edge by clicking End session.

Administrators can configure Microsoft Edge to restart after a period of inactivity. The following Microsoft Edge kiosk mode types cannot be set up using the new simplified assigned access configuration wizard in Windows 10 Settings.

In this configuration, Microsoft Edge can be one of many apps available. Users can close and open multiple InPrivate mode windows. Normal mode runs a full version of Microsoft Edge, although some features may not work depending on what apps are configured in assigned access. For example, if the Microsoft Store is not set up, users cannot get books. Learn more about Microsoft Edge kiosk mode. We added a dropdown that displays as you type to help complete the next part of the path. Do you have shared devices deployed in your work place?

Fast sign-in enables users to sign in to a shared Windows 10 PC in a flash! This is a private preview feature and therefore not meant or recommended for production purposes. This setting is not currently supported at this time. We are introducing web sign-in , a new way of signing into your Windows PC.

Resolution: This issue was resolved in out-of-band updates released May 19, for installation on all Domain Controllers in your environment, as well as all intermediary application servers such as Network Policy Servers NPS , RADIUS, Certification Authority CA , or web servers which passes the authentication certificate from the client being authenticated to the authenticating DC.

If you used any workaround or mitigations for this issue, they are no longer needed, and we recommend you remove them. There is no action needed on the client side to resolve this authentication issue. To get the standalone package for these out-of-band updates, search for the KB number in the Microsoft Update Catalog. Note The below updates are not available from Windows Update and will not install automatically.

Note: You do not need to apply any previous update before installing these cumulative updates. If you have already installed updates released May 10, , you do not need to uninstall the affected updates before installing any later updates including the updates listed above.

Note: If you are using security only updates for these versions of Windows Server, you only need to install these standalone updates for the month of May Security only updates are not cumulative, and you will also need to install all previous Security only updates to be fully up to date. Monthly rollup updates are cumulative and include security and all quality updates. If you are using Monthly rollup updates, you will need to install both the standalone updates listed above to resolve this issue, and install the Monthly rollups released May 10, to receive the quality updates for May After installing KB or any updates released January 11, and later on your domain controllers, scenarios which rely on Read-only domain controllers RODCs or synthetic RODC machine accounts might fail to establish a Netlogon secure channel.

Affected applications or network appliances, such as Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimizers, might have issues joining domains or limitations after joining a domain. Next Steps: Affected apps and network appliances will need an update from their developer or manufacturer to resolve this issue.

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Components History Timeline Criticism. Windows 1. Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me. Embedded Compact CE 5. Phone 7 Phone 8 Phone 8. Cairo Nashville Neptune Odyssey. List of versions Comparison Category. Microsoft Windows components. Solitaire Collection Surf.

Mahjong Minesweeper. Category List. Windows 10 version history.



Windows 10, version and Windows Server | Microsoft Docs.April 12, —KB (OS Build )

Feb 12,  · Windows 10, version will reach the end of servicing on May 12, November 10, Please go here for the latest information. This applies to the following editions of Windows 10 released in November of Windows 10 Home, version Windows 10 Pro, version Windows 10 Pro for Education, version Oct 14,  · Official Release Date of Windows 10 Version – Microsoft Community D DũngVũ1 Created on October 14, Official Release Date of Windows 10 Version Hello everyone! I am using Windows 10 version I know that Windows 10 version is now released to many people. Feb 11,  · Please go here to search for your product’s lifecycle. Windows 10, version * and version will reach the end of servicing on May 11, This applies to the following editions of Windows Windows 10 Education, version and version


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