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Windows 10 turn off automatic updates gpedit free. How to stop automatic updates on Windows 10

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Transfer Products. Please post back if you have other concerns for further assistance. It doesn’t STOP automatic updates. Best Mobile Hotspots. Hide Steam Games You’re Playing. For each, go to properties, security, advanced.


3 Best Ways to Disable Automatic Update on Windows 10.


I changed the settings over a year ago to tell Microsoft NOT to update anything on my system. Yet my computer gives me warnings of an “critical” or “important” update that it FORCES me into automatically on restart anyway! Or better yet it keeps asking till I am not around to stop the countdown. So first let us make sure I have everything that can be turned off, turned off correctly. Next how do I keep “critical” and “important” updates from ever happening. But, again, Microsoft is overriding that and still forcing the updates to take place on shutdowns or with a countdown timer.

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. I will need detailed steps to find and follow the solution. Why is the process getting harder as Windows is supposed to be getting easier and user friendly? Know what there are many people getting real sick and tired of these updates breaking and causing damages to a system they have put money into when does it stop?

See I to am getting real sick and tired of my stuff having issues lets start with some of the common issues that can happen NOT that its happening to mine “YET” I’m sorry that this seems like a angry text its not its more me just getting annoyed we need to come together and figure these things out cause its causing alot of people stress that should not be happening any who please respond and let me know what is happening and why!

Free utilities to disable automatic updates in Windows 10 Also, you can use free utilities to prevent Windows 10 from updating automatically. Run the program, jump to the tab Disable to check the box next to Disable Windows Updates. After that, click Apply Now for the changes to take effect. As seen from the screenshot, this program can also disable Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. If necessary, you can turn everything on again in the tab Enable. To re-enable automatic updates, complete steps , then select Automatic from the Startup type drop-down menu and restart your machine.

On Windows 10 Pro, you can permanently disable automatic updates by modifying the Windows Registry. You will need to restart your device to save the changes.

Once you do that, automatic updates will be completely disabled on our computer. This has not happened and will never happen, so Strange how so many of us saw this coming, but no-one from MS saw it. The 1 month update delay in RS2 should keep all naysayers at bay, given the occasional botched update.

It doesn’t really solve the problem of a botched update because by the time you’d know an update that was released is botched it would be too late to then pause updates. It’s just another bad solution for the wrong problem.

It would be since after a month they would rerelease the proper update. After the 2 month delay is over and a potential botched update is installed there will be patches by then.

Microsoft has been known to take down botched updates and put them back once the issue is fixed. Either way there isn’t an issue. Awesome, thanks so much for this article! Is there a way to do the same on Win 10 Mobile? It is super annoying when the phone restarts by itself during the night and then I miss calls because it requires PIN entry Who calls you during the night?

How do they dare? I had a smile and laugh at that. Made my day. I depend on my Windows phone and Realarm to wake me for work every morning – why don’t you just change your active hours for the device? Works for me!

I’ve never had to enter a PIN to answer a call even if the device is restarted. Try setting your active hours to prevent random restarts. The phone should also give you a notification when an update is downloaded and waiting to install check your notification settings. From the update settings you can press the “restart now” button or set the exact time you’d like the update to install.

Browse around your device’s settings. Windows mobile gives you a surprising amount of control. Well I don’t want my device restarting without my consent, period. Once my phone started restarting during a night out around 3 AM – I found out when I was going to call an Uber for my friends and me. Nothing beats waiting in the cold for 10 or so minutes while the gears are turning Is it the end of the world? Of course not.. My point is: what is wrong with giving the user the option to find a good time and then restart manually to finish installing the updates?

Are the updates really so important they can’t wait a day or two? This will also prevent downloads from Store but updates will be stoped until you start the Services again :D. I do this also and have a calendar reminder to check updates once a month.

Win10 Pro. I don’t know if it can be done on the home addition. Or set the acitive hours and say your internet connection is a metered connection. If Microsoft’s goal was to make sure all Windows 10 users are on the latest update they should have used messaging and nagging to get users to update and only resort to forced updates if a user ignores those messages for too long.

Just like the whole upgrade to windows 10 fiasco they are too eager to force these updates on people and the end result will be the opposite of what they wanted with guides like this one showing users how to avoid these updates completely.

The right solution would be to show a message, if it’s a critical update to fix a volunerability make it clear that the user should install the update as soon as possible and that if they don’t, in 3 days it will be installed automatically. Give them options, do it now, do it tonight, I’ll do it later which means it won’t happen automatically for 3 days. For feature updates, show a message with a preview of some of the key features the user will get and give them 30 days to install it before it’s forced on them.

It’s a much simpler solution that lets the user know their computer will be updated and restarted soon and takes away the biggest problem with these auomatic updates auto restarts.

No need for active hours, pausing updates or any of that nonsense Microsoft will do while trying to still solve this problem with RS3 and whatever updates are next. I understand what you’re saying, but I know too many people that would be more annoyed by this. Most people I know do not have issues with the auto update feature and don’t even realize their machine was updated. A good OS should be invisible to the user so the user can do what they need to. No need for registry edits or annoying popups.

Will the registry one work with Home? These steps are targeted for professional and above versions of Windows In my test updates continued to download in Windows 10 Home.

Awesome article Mauro, especially relevant to those of us that get what and why. I have had work and project progress ruined costing me hours of rework and trying to get back to where I was because of this awful imposed policy.

Sadly it seems probably due to subsequent updates lol that even though I have followed all your measures, it does not work and the system is STILL rebooting. I am not sure what to do now other than seeking to disable Windows Update as a service.

If you have any updated advice it would be appreciated. Not sure, but you can set your active hours and set your connection as a metered connection to prevent updates.

It doesn’t. I tried the same as Mauro did and don’t work. I was able to do a registry hack for stopping the Customer Experience going to MS. So was just curious if this would work as well. But it don’t. Wish I could swap the license on my tablet to my main PC!

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