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Its activation status says it’s a “digital license” not linked to a Microsoft account. Also, I was able to extract the product key. According to some articles, I should be able to install the update for free because: “During the life of a LTSC release, you can upgrade your devices to the next or latest LTSC release free of charge using an in-place upgrade.

This was my mistake, I should perform an in-place upgrade, as suggested. So, I decided to step back and do an in-place upgrade. It accepted the license key and activated it without any problems, so we can assume the key itself is good. I opted for a clean install removing personal data and applications.

Was it wrong? Should I keep them to ensure the activation upgrade? No error code, nothing. Looking for a fix, I found some articles explaining there’s a Windows Setup problem with integrating updates during installation, and I should install with Internet disconnected.

So I disabled my network connection and launched setup again. This time it was completed without any problems. It rebooted, I completed the setup, connected to Wifi, and went to activation. Initially, the status showed it couldn’t connect to organization’s activation servers.

I ignored the error because LTSB also showed me the same error and it went away after I entered the key. However, LTSC tries to use the key and fails with a message that the key did not work, error code 0x It should be possible without any local KMS, if was able to be activated without it, right? Attachments: Up to 10 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 3.

The license key itself should be valid I think, because a clean install formatting the disk, booting the setup from USB of LTSB accepted it and activated just fine. However, not sure if it’s ok for people to sell used devices with such licenses. Multi-app Kiosk on Windows 10 via Assigned Access.

EventcombMt is not working properly in my windows 10 system. How do I stop Feature update from installing. Skip to main content. Find threads, tags, and users Here’s what I did. Current Visibility: Visible to all users. Hello, I am in the same situation. Ah, I see, thanks. That’s bad. Comment Show 0.

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Can Windows 10 LTSB be upgraded to Windows 10 LTSC ? – Microsoft Community.[SOLVED] Updating Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB to LTSC

Yes, you can perform an in-place upgrade using the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC ISO and that will allow you to keep your personal files and installed software. Seeing as you are using a volume licence version of Windows 10, it would be best to phone Microsoft Support in your local area to obtain the LTSC ISO file to perform the upgrade. Feb 13,  · Because Microsoft licensing permits users with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB to update to LTSC at no additional cost, I will test if it possible to update existing clients (WIE) with the latest image. Hopefully, the product activation accepts the original license without modifying it (to prevent downgrade to LTSB).Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Dec 20,  · How to update from Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, having only LTSB license key? you can upgrade your devices to the next or latest LTSC release free of charge using an in-place upgrade.” the only exception is upgrading LTSC KMS to LTSC KMS. P.S. that LTSB “digital license” is not.


Windows 10 2016 ltsb upgrade to 2019 ltsc free. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 Upgrade

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