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However, this can sometimes cause blurry images especially when upscaling. The Lanczos algorithm is designed to preserve small details when upscaling and downscaling, which is useful for things like graphics, though it’s important to watch out for haloing issues. The Nearest Neighbor algorithm is mostly used for pixel art, as it copies the color of the nearest neighboring pixels resulting in the classic blocky image look.

Unlike the regular scaling algorithms that interpolate the values of pixels mathematically, ML Super Resolution looks at the image itself, analyzing the patterns and textures in it, then recreates visually important details in larger dimensions.

You can achieve great results when upscaling images to even three times their original resolution. To learn more about ML Super Resolution and how we’ve built it, check out our comprehensive blog post.

Trim away colored or transparent borders around an image. Pixelmator Pro User Guide. Quick Links What’s new? Pixelmator Pro basics. Create, open, and save images. Working with layers. Pixelmator Pro keyboard shortcuts. Table of Contents. Change the image size You can change the size of images to reduce or enlarge them. Change the pixel dimensions of an image. Choose pixels from the Unit pop-up menu. Click OK to apply your changes or Cancel to cancel them.

Choose a print unit inches, cm, mm, or points from the Unit pop-up menu. Enter a new resolution for the image. Now I can’t figure out how to only resize one axis of an object and it’s cramping my style! Thu Jun 28, am edit I was writing about Pixelmator Pro. Text and image deleted. If you’re using Classic Pixelmator, I can’t think what’s going on.

You can constrain proportions by holding the shift key when you are resizing. I can’t think of a way of locking Pixelmator to that behaviour and I think you’d notice pretty quickly if your shift key was stuck down. In case you’re posting about Pixelmator Pro in the Classic Pixelmator part of the forums, you can lock x and y resizing by clicking on the Constrain proportions checkbox in the tools panel of the Arrange tool.

To turn it off, make sure that the Arrange tool is selected and uncheck the Constrain proportions checkbox. Sun Nov 25, pm Pixelmator Pro: This is not working for me. I want to resize 3 layers that are grouped. I select the arrange tool arrow and click-drag the small white square in the middle top of the image.



Pixelmator Pro Tutorials – Adjust the opacity of a layer

Choose Tools > Arrange (from the Tools menu at the top of your screen). Press the V key on your keyboard.


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