Large or small audiences, team-building groups, full day workshops, or quick, sharp, keynote addresses…

I'm Edmond Otis. I am a fully-licensed clinical psychotherapist, university lecturer and Shotokan Karate Instructor, and I motivate and inspire audiences around the world, speaking at conferences, corporate events and educational institutions. I am an effective keynote speaker with a unique background who can provide valuable insights into today's most demanding professional, personal and inter-personal challenges.

By combining my academic and professional background with personal anecdotes and humourous connections, I supply high energy to all kinds of public speaking events.  I apply cutting edge research, unexpected strategies, East-West thinking, and real-world applications to today's most demanding professional, personal and inter-personal challenges.

Whether you have 30 minutes, an entire weekend or anything in between, I make sure your time is spent with maximum effect in mind. My presentations are always specifically adapted to your needs, goals, audience size and venue, with customised content according to the objective of your event.

Topics Include

  • Instant Zone! A Direct Approach to Peak Performance
  • The Secret is Resilience: Skills for Succeeding in the Face of any Challenge
  • Success? First, You Need to Be Fearless!
  • Defending the Self: Thriving in the Face of Change, Crisis, and Conflict
  • What the Masters Know: Martial-Art Strategies to Revive the Spirit & Kick Start Forward Momentum
  • The Beauty of the Beginner's Mind
  • Personal Balance: The Leader’s Artful Way of Being
Conflict Resolution Strategies and Skills
Resilience, Leadership and Performance
Effective Communication Skills
Motivation, Inspiration and Mediation

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