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Recommended Posts. PeterIngmar Posted October 25, Posted October 25, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Have you tried turning off disk sleep in your System Prefs Energy Settings?

You could also move entirely to SSD if the problem is hard drive-based. Yes disk sleep is turned off. Even with 24 simultaneous tracks at On the SSD side, a lot depends on the brand in my experience. PeterIngmar Posted October 26, Posted October 26, My system is set to optimize Logics performance. On paper. PeterIngmar Posted October 27, Posted October 27, Is there a big difference between different makes of drives? In my experience, Lacie’s conventional drives liked to die real slow, throwing out little mysteries like this for a month or so before finally kicking the bucket.

Ok, thanks for the tips. I get my external HD from www. PeterIngmar Posted October 28, Posted October 28, Ploki Posted October 28, Yes it is. Eric Cardenas Posted October 28, It’s painfully slow to be honest. A decent RPM drive is at least twice as fast. Running first aid in Disk Utility it checks as OK. PeterIngmar Posted October 29, Posted October 29, No, that stops here and now. A rpm with 2 thunderbolt2 ports. I know how weird that sounds. We still can’t solve the issue.

Changing the HD sensor didnt work. Were gonna try a pillow. Any of these settings seem off? More than likely, if you are recording to the internal hard disc that also has the OS and apps, then this will further slow the disc down.

It is also most likely a RPM drive, which will really start to show it’s true potential when you labour it down with multi tracks. Try recording to an external RPM drive and see if you get the same errors. Also, make sure all sleep settings are disabled and you are working from a clean restart.

This has been a problem with Logic for years but IME it’s usually related to slower speed hard drives or trying to record after the hard drive has been put to sleep. I just did a session with my mac book pro using the internal rpm drive tracking 8 tracks off the floor into my apollo.

The laptop was 2 meters from the drum kit the whole time. Hope you find a solution. Were getting the same issue. Buffer size is We tried Garageband to see if it was a logic issue. No dice. We tried recording to a brand new external drive. We’ve tried two different interfaces. Still getting the same issue. Running out of ideas. No reason this should be happening. We’ve tried everything. Just drums, fine. Everything together, it gets the error.

Anyone have any other ideas? By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Code by Port Forward. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Remember Me?

The No. Today’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. We see you’ve found the Newbie subforum! Learn more. Logic keeps getting “Disk Too Slow” error when recording live. Hey all – My band is trying to record a few songs live in our band room.

My Studio. Aisle 6. Thanks for the replies. Ah, just found this. Disable the Sudden Motion Sensor on a Mac. Lemme know if that works. The specific error is “disk is too slow or system overload”. How much space is left on the disc.



Logic pro x disk is too slow (record) free –

Drums can record as loud and for as long as they want. I have looked for hours online for a solution but while many have experienced this there seem to be few answers out there.


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