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The Join Call button will only appear for your next, upcoming call. This has the advantage of reducing clutter in your calendar, and when future calls become due you can click the Join Call button to join these calls too. First, please make sure your data appears as you’d expect in the Calendar and Reminders app. Once you’ve ensured your data is in the built-in apps, make sure you’ve allowed Fantastical to access your events and reminders.

You can verify this in the Privacy section of the Settings app. If your events or reminders still aren’t showing up, try turning your phone off and back on. You can do this by holding down on the power button and sliding to turn off the phone. Fantastical itself doesn’t sync your data. Instead, your device connects to a service such as iCloud, Google Calendar, or Microsoft Exchange which stores your calendars.

When Fantastical updates your calendar, your service will upload these changes and sync them to your other apps that are signed in to the service.

These might include other versions of Fantastical, or any other app configured to use your calendar service. If events or reminders aren’t syncing between devices, take a look at our troubleshooting steps for syncing. You probably need to enable your other calendars through Google’s web interface. New events will be set to all-day if you don’t specify a time in your sentence. If you want a timed event, simply add the time to your sentence, such as “Meeting on Friday 3pm-5pm,” and Fantastical will disable all-day mode and set the event times.

You can enable alerts for events and reminders in Fantastical’s settings under the Advanced settings. If you enable this option, you’ll also want to disable the alerts for the Calendar and Reminder app. You can do that in the Notification Center section of the Settings app. You can show the current date in as a badge on Fantastical’s app icon by going into Fantastical’s settings and changing the App Badge Icon setting to Current Date.

Apple does not allow developers to modify the icon directly, so this is the best workaround that is currently available. Fantastical works with any calendar that you have set up on your device’s Settings. If it appears in Calendar, it will also appear in Fantastical. A single subscription unlocks all premium features in Fantastical and Cardhop across all your devices. Your calendars, tasks, and contacts will be more powerful, more productive, and more fun. Download Fantastical Requires iOS Requires macOS Watch the video.

Cross Platform. All new UI. Conference Call Detection. Interesting Calendars. Time Zones. All New Design Fantastical has a brand new user interface with multiple views, including detailed and beautiful full screen views for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

File and Photo Attachments Quickly access the files or photos you need at your next meeting or for your next task. Powerful Views DayTicker. Your Events None of Our Business Fantastical is designed with a privacy-first approach, which means it keeps as much private data on your device as possible. Privacy at Flexibits. This is used to manage your subscription, sync calendar sets, templates, notifications, weather, and more. Flexibits does not use your data for commercial purposes, and you can read more about our data safeguarding practices in our privacy policy.

After signing up, you will be presented with your account key. This is used to secure your account data, and it is required to sign in to Fantastical on other devices if your devices do not share the same iCloud account.

Check your subscription status, view your account key, and sign out of your Flexibits account in Fantastical’s Preferences. When you log in to your Flexibits account on other devices, choose the ‘Sign In’ option and use the same login method that you used when you originally created your Flexibits account either your email address and password directly, Sign in with Apple, or Sign in with Google.

If you don’t use the same sign in method, you will end up with multiple accounts which cause sync and subscription problems. You can connect calendar accounts iCloud, Google, Exchange etc. Start by opening Fantastical, clicking the Fantastical menu and choosing Preferences from the menu.

If you download Fantastical from the Mac App Store you will not be able to enter your license code. This yellow exclamation mark means that you upgraded your Reminders database to the new format Apple is using for iOS This makes iCloud reminders disappear entirely on Mac because it takes them off the iCloud CalDAV server and moves them to the new iCloud reminders format. Also update to the latest version of Fantastical to view upgraded reminders.

The Join Call button will only appear for your next, upcoming call. This has the advantage of reducing clutter in your calendar, and when future calls become due you can click the Join Call button to join these calls too. Apple requires app-specific passwords when using two-factor authentication with iCloud. Please see our documentation for more information on creating an app-specific password.

You will not be able to connect to iCloud using Fantastical if you don’t have two-factor authentication or two-step verification enabled. Also, make sure are using your Apple ID’s primary email address. You can check which email address is your primary address at appleid.

If you use a service such as iCloud, Exchange, Google, or Yahoo, you probably need to add that account directly to Fantastical.

Open the Preferences and click the Accounts tab to ensure your accounts have been added. Fantastical will not work if you disallow access to either of these.

You also must allow access to Contacts in order for event invitations to work. If you’re having trouble getting your calendars to sync between devices, take a look at our troubleshooting steps for syncing.

You don’t have an account that supports reminders added to Fantastical. This usually happens when there’s no iCloud account set up. Open Fantastical’s preferences, click the Accounts tab, and add your iCloud account. Keep the sidebar enabled to quickly refer to a mini-calendar for the selected month and a list of your upcoming events and reminders.

We are very open to hearing your further feedback on this matter, so please do feel free to get in touch so we can discuss further if you wish: flexibits. I’ve been using Fantastical on iOS since v2, and when I heard about v3 and the subscription model, I was hesitant at first but wanted to give it a fair shot.

After reading through the features and going through the tutorial videos, I started a trial and took the new Fantastical for a spin. It’s not just loaded with helpful new features but it also has a lot of “nice to have” features too. Simply put, the cost is too high for the value I’d get out of it. Fantastical 3 has a lot of great features that support collaboration, but I use it exclusively for individual productivity.

As much as I wish I could use those collaboration features, I simply have no need for them. Thank you for your feedback here. While the subscription might not be right for you now, we do plan to continue to implement more and more new features that will be subscription-only.

Such a great app and useful way to remain organized. I used to use several apps to keep track of events and reminders, but Fantastical helped me streamline the process.


Flexibits | Fantastical | The calendar and tasks app you won’t be able to live without. – Setup & Accounts


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– ‎Fantastical – Calendar on the Mac App Store


Please make sure you are updated to version 3. We work as quickly as we can to resolve any issues that have been reported fres us. Thank you for taking the time to let us know if you run into a problem! If you signed up for a trial through our website, you can cancel your trial at hub. Log fantastical 2 flexibits free, select Subscription, then select Edit Billing Information. You need to update your app and you should also restart your phone and watch after installing it to get it to work.

Also, make sure you’ve signed up for a free Fantastical 2 flexibits free account frfe logged into it on fantastical 2 flexibits free iPhone. Also make sure that you’ve signed into your Calendar accounts in Fantastical on your iPhone as well.

Let us know if you’re still having trouble. If your Apple Watch is slow, this is expected behavior and a limitation of Apple Watch. Fantastical 2 flexibits free get powerful features at the expense of увидеть больше performance. Newer models of Apple Watch should have fantastical 2 flexibits free performance. Please see our privacy policy. Select the calendar service you use to sync your events and enter your credentials to connect читать больше account directly to Fantastical.

We have a support document at that can help you get started. There’s also fwntastical series of videos that can walk you through the process. The new Fantastical will automatically recognize your prior purchase and activate a special unlocked version.

This will give you all of your existing Fantastical 2 features. It should clarify your questions. Note: The unlock is platform specific.

If you purchased on the Mac but not the iPhone, or vice versa, you’ll get the features unlocked for the platform you purchased.

You’ll even get a few extra bonus features. In short, you’ll get everything you have currently as приведу ссылку as fantastical 2 flexibits free new features.

Even better, this means you’ll get continued bug fixes and support. The optional Fantastical Premium subscription will enable even more features, but it is not required to use Fantastical.

You can fntastical info on pricing and the new features on our pricing page. If you продолжение здесь bought Fantastical продолжить чтение from the Mac App Store, you need to delete any copies of Fantastical you have on your computer fantaztical download the new Fantastical for Mac app from the Mac App Store using the same Apple ID used to purchase the app originally. Fanfastical Fantastical on the Mac App Store here. If you originally bought through our website, delete fantastical 2 flexibits free copies of Fantastical you have fantastical 2 flexibits free your computer and then download the new Fantastical for Mac app from our website here.

If you need to retrieve your Fantastical 2 license code you can do so from our support page. Once you your Fantastical 2 license, go to the Fantastical menu and choose “Enter Fantastical 2 License Code” and enter it. Click the gear icon at the bottom of the mini window and select Quit Fantastical Completely. Redownload Fantastical from wherever you originally got it from and replace the existing version.

Restart your Mac and then relaunch Fantastical. This should fix the issue. The hide in Dock option has changed. Fantastical can now run in the background, so you don’t need to keep Fantastical open to use the mini window. Enabling Run in background in Fantastical’s Перейти на источник preferences will show the mini window at startup and allow you to quit Fantastical and remove it нажмите чтобы узнать больше the Dock.


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