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I screen capture regularly but grew tired of Ashampoo software some years ago — spam, spam and more spam. Based on what previous commenters have said, I just downloaded the portable version of ShareX to compare it with my go-to program, FastStone Capture. I just wasted 1 hour of my life trying to find a simple but powerful screen capture program and then I see your reply and your mention of FastStone Capture.

It is worth every bit of 20 bucks if not more!!! It is intuitive to and just does what it is supposed to do!!!! NO dancing around and jumping through hoops just to do a quality screen capture. I have used Snap going back to version 4. Version 10 is terrible.

It is slow and some of the ez to use features are gone. I plan to uninstall it and reinstall an earlier version. I do not recommend this software. Do not waste your money. I have used a couple of versions of Snap. I got a freebie version of 10 and thought I would give it a try.

It did initially so I still need to investigate why. Images are not tightly cropped, there is an alpha border around them and even cropping them it still leaves a border. I need to take them into a graphical program in order to get rid of that.. Which begs the question:- why not use the print screen function and paste into a graphics package and edit t there.

The only reason I wanted to try SNAP is hoping that it would capture images that have a higher resolution that the bog standard 72dpi of a screenshot. Saving as a PDF is handy, but it really needs to incorporate images as a scalable vector so that they can be resized without loosing quality. The only other benefit is to capture the cursor. Linux my preferred OS has excellent screen capture facilities. The burning software is good and not overly expensive. I started off on free versions and have always got a good discount when I wanted to get new features, but I am not the sort of person to upgrade to newer versions every time there is one made.

Usually there are about 4 versions in between.. Because of using Linux frequently I purchase very little software now as there are some excellent open sources equivalents.

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As mentioned, I also found myself restarting the app every now and then due to it simply freezing up. I didn’t encounter a similar issue while using Snagit. Still, Ashampoo Snap’s live video editing and OCR functionalities may be enough to entice you away from Snagit, the Editors’ Choice, as they’re truly standout additions.

Snap is definitely worth trying if you want to experience a screen-capture utility that does more than the average capture tool.

Bottom Line Ashampoo Snap makes it a breeze to capture stills and video, as well as create GIFs, but a few weak spots prevent this utility from being the best. Pros Multi-language OCR support. Simple GIF maker. Live video editing. Built-in image editor with numerous borders and effects. Can share images to many destinations. Cons Relatively expensive.

Doesn’t allow you to save images in Flash format. In-fact, thanks to Snap 14 running minimised in the Windows system tray and also being available via a floating menu and hotkeys it is both unobtrusive whilst running yet still quick and easy to access the required functionality whenever it is needed!

As with all Ashampoo software, the installation process for Snap 14 is both simple and straightforward, a process which begins over at the official Ashampoo website where the Snap 14 installer can be downloaded.

At just MB in size this is a fairly quick download and in my own instance I had the installer up and running just a few moments later:. With registration or the free trial configuration complete, we can now close the installer and open up the full Snap 14 software which will be ready for use straight afterwards! In the next section I will be looking at the screenshot functionality and some of the advanced functionality it brings to a Windows PC and then later on looking at the video capture functionality where we can also make use of the built-in video editing tools amongst a few other things along the way!

When opening Snap 14 for the first time, the application will actually start in its minimised form and can be accessed via an icon in the Windows system tray which is found at the bottom right of the screen as can be seen below. Right clicking on the Snap 14 logo will open up what is essentially the main application menu and will help us quickly get to the correct part of the application given the task we are trying to accomplish.

Once the screenshot process is complete, we will then get our first glimpse of the built-in imaging editor which will open up automatically afterwards with any screenshots already loaded up and ready for any editing.

Unfortunately, given there are quite a lot of editing tools available here, I cant go into detail for all of them in this review. I will, however, be looking at some of the most commonly used tools, this starts with the image transformation tools which includes the crop tool, the resize tool, the rotate tools and tools for combining multiple image layers which might be selected within the editor.

Moving on and the Snap 14 image editor also includes many graphics tools which can be used to easily enhance and annotate the screenshot currently being worked on. As can be seen below, we can easily add many different shapes to an image, add text boxes and highlight any existing text , add arrows of varying different shapes, styles and sizes and finally, also make use of the freehand drawing tools to add custom shapes and annotations as might be required. Finally, whilst still discussing the image editing tools, one of the last big features worthy of mention here is the built-in clip-art library part of which can be seen below :.

The clip-art library contains a very good selection of commonly used icons, this covers topics such as business, presentations, national flags, social media logos, arrows, mathematical symbols and much more to help make for a very useful post-screenshot editing tool overall!

Finally, when any screenshot editing is compete, we can use Snap 14 to either save the project meaning we can continue working on it at a later date , copy the edited image to the clipboard for use in another application or to simply export the completed image as a JPG, PNG, PSD or even a PDF file ready for saving or sharing. NB — Snap 14 makes use of a very powerful web-based sharing tool called Ashampoo Web, this is something I will be looking at in more depth later on in this review.

As can be seen above, making use of this tool simply requires we first select the correct mode single capture or multiple captures and then specify either the time delay or, when taking multiple screenshots, the delay in-between each automatic screenshot.

As can be seen above, the next stage in the process of taking automatic time interval based screenshots involves selecting the area of the screen to be captured. With the region selected, the final step here is to click the camera icon pointed out in the above image which will start running the process of making automated screenshots every few seconds as specified. As can be seen above, when the automatic screenshots are in the process of being taken, we will see a countdown timer showing the time left before the next screenshot will be taken, a process which will continue automatically until we intervene and press the escape ESC key to stop it.

Upon stopping this process the built-in editor will automatically open up with any screenshots already loaded up within it and ready to be processed:. NB — By default, the Snap 14 editor will automatically open up whenever a screenshot or video is captured, this can be changed in the application setting should you not want this to happen and the screenshot just be saved to disk!

As can be seen above, not only can we manually specify a manually sized region for the tool to work within but also take advantage of many pre-set regions via the drop-down box which can be seen expanded in the image above.

Having easy access to pre-specified aspect ratios such as , or can be a great time saver for many users when needing to work with specific media sizes later on in the screenshot capture process. NB — If an area is specified manually then it can then be saved to the list of pre-determined areas the drop-down box shown above by simply clicking on the disc icon to the right of the Rectangular selection window.

With the specified area selected either manually or via the pre-set drop down , Snap 14 will then show this region on the display thus allowing it to be positioned as appropriate, once in the correct place all that is left to do is again click the camera icon to take the screenshot. Whilst the advanced capturing of screenshots is one of the core features of Snap 14, another very useful tool which is built directly into the suite is the screen recording utility:. As can be seen in the screenshot above, the video capture utility opens up in its own separate window and thanks to its ability to record multiple monitors, fixed screen regions and even include external webcam and audio input, it becomes a fully featured screen recording utility in its own right.

Numerous convenience functions extend the feature range well beyond traditional screenshot tools. Ashampoo Snap 9 creates, edits and sends screenshots and videos. Numerous features such as picture in picture, timers and text recognition extend the feature range well beyond traditional screenshot tools. Edit your videos live and use multiple graphical effects and symbols to create instructional materials, tutorial videos and animated GIFs.



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Have been using this one for a long time and I find the interface to be very natural. I can’t stand the windows snipping tool in which you have to capture the exact region precisely with no option to correct. I may have spent 5 minutes to figure it out the first time I used it, but immediately liked it and I use it every day without giving it a second thought. But what it does, it does beautifully. That’s what great software should aim to : do things right. Most of the time, the Snipping Tool is enough.

Now if you want to do more it’s difficult to do as little , there’s no lack of well thought-out software and mostly free. Want to be able to crop your screenshot after the fact?

Pic Pick, Greenshot and scores of others can do that, with considerably swifter, faster, smarter and more intuitive workflows. Dear [ GOTD ] fellows. Ashampoo software does what it promises Peter Blaise, Let me be very clear : I actually believe that the quality of German software is one of the best-kept secrets of computerdom.

Ashampoo, as far as I can see, is an exception. Capture vs Capture screen vs video I consider screen capture the last possible choice and video capture the best choice that being said it is hard to find top tire video capture because the video’s are protected and always changing to make video capture nonfunctional. Screen capture very hard to defend against and there are many free offerings. The biggest problem is buffering and the inability to do anything with your computer while doing screen capture lastly quality and video size I have never seen a screen capture equal to the actual video size this might not be true for more resent programs and seen them much larger than they should be P.

I found the description unclear if this is a video capture and not a screen capture I would give it a try. Screen capture, which is what Snap does, saves whatever’s displayed on screen, and since it’s the last stage in the process of playing video, it’s the lowest — but often still quite good — quality.

To say mileage varies is an understatement. Using a 2nd, conventional hard drive as the target to write the new video file, and with an i7 , I have successfully used Snap, set to use the x VFW codec, to record p video playing in a web browser.

You are correct about not being able to use the PC for anything else while I was recording. It captures anything on or through the screen, including movement, video, and sound. You tell us how it works for you. Peter Blaise, request denied I have tried 23 Screen capture’s in the past and found little to no difference in them I only desire video capture.

I’ve just downloaded and installed Ashampoo Snap 9. It’s quickly and easily installed and it’s as advertised. It can capture screen shots in a variety of ways. A very useful program. ScreenPresso Free can do just the same, and more, and it is Free ;-. It has a unique “optimized touch” feature , just make sure it’s selected during your installation. Yeah, right. ShareX is free, newer, and arguably does more. There are others, too, like LightShot. The funniest thing about all of this?

No wonder this one is free. Poor marketing on ashampoo’s part. I have almost totally given up on GOTD being relevant ever again. Teller Ugis, Thanks for the tip. Hadn’t heard of this before. Teller Ugis, I have Ashampoo Snap and am extremely happy with it and it’s features.

How about trying software first before slamming it! Yes, I am expecting down votes for slamming Mr. Popular here so have at me. Teller Ugis, I have been using Snap for a few years now and super happy with it. Maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference. I think there is no need to be so negative. It’s not uncommon to offer there the previous version and to state an unreasonable price, I agree on that point, but I doubt that anyone installs because of the price – people just want to try out the product.

If not, it most certainly doesn’t do more. I think, however, you may be right about simple Screenshots. People think I was being negative above, but in reality, GOTD used to giveaway cutting edge software. Now it seems to be a clearinghouse for people who have new software they promote by giving away their old version. Meanwhile, most of the programs are poor versions of software available for free elsewhere.

For those who assume I don’t try software. Think again. I just don’t care for bottom of the barrel stuff, free or not, when there are free but cutting edge alternatives. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.

No, thanks Yes, I’d like to. Don’t miss all the cool giveaways. Allow notifications in your browser. Giveaway of the day — Ashampoo Snap 9. Ashampoo Snap 9 was available as a giveaway on November 18, !

Download trial Ashampoo Snap 9. How would you improve Ashampoo Snap 9? All ideas 0 Top five ideas Searches Leave feedback. No similar feedback found. Feel free to add yours! Developed by CyberLink Corp. Developed by PhotoInstrument. Adobe Photoshop CC. Create, manage, copy and edit custom images. Developed by Mirillis Ltd. Comments on Ashampoo Snap 9 Thank you for voting! Please add a comment explaining the reason behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users.

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Reply Comment by Kermit — 3 years ago — Did you find this comment useful? Is it worth upgrading from Version 8? Reply Comment by rww — 3 years ago — Did you find this comment useful? Reply Comment by consuella — 3 years ago — Did you find this comment useful? Reply Comment by Ivanovich — 3 years ago — Did you find this comment useful? Reply Comment by linusblanketeer — 3 years ago — Did you find this comment useful?

Regards, consuella consuella, My bad. Regards, consuella Save Cancel. Reply Comment by Suze — 3 years ago — Did you find this comment useful? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Then we will see how this tool works. How Ashampoo Snap 9 works To start using this tool, the first thing to do is to download from its main webpage and install it on our computer.

This program can be used in several different ways: With the keyboard shortcuts that we can configure we will see it next.

From the icon that allows us in the system tray, next to the notification area. From the drop-down bar that installs us in the upper right part of the monitor. As we can see, this bar gives us access to the various tools for capturing on-screen items, such as: Capture video record video.

Automatic capture of a Firefox scrolling window. Capture a page from Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Capture a single window. Manually select a rectangle to capture. Freely select an irregular area to crop and capture. Capture a fixed area delimited by coordinates. Other Tools Capture with countdown timer.

Capture with OCR text recognition. Create several captures in a row. Open the edit menu. The editing tool, one of the most powerful elements of Ashampoo Snap 9 When we take a capture, the program opens the edit window, an intermediate step before saving it. As can be seen above, the left editing menu allows us to perform several commonly used video editing tasks, these include being able to cut snippets out of the video at specified points including trimming the beginning and end of the video as well as exporting selected cut locations as individual video files and the ability to append an existing video file to the clip which is currently being worked on.

NB — Whilst the video editing tools within Snap 14 will more than cover the video editing basics for most users, if you are looking for a much more powerful video editing suite then remember to check out Movie Studio Pro 3 also from Ashampoo. You can also click here to read our Movie Studio Pro 3 review. Moving on to the right menu and we see even more options available within the app, this time more orientated towards working with the file itself than editing its contents as is the case with the editing menu on the left.

As can be seen above, the right side file menu allows us to save or discard the video clip currently being worked on as well as make use of several options for easily sharing the clip via several other services including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and the Ashampoo Web cloud service itself.

And with this the main workflow of the video capture process is complete! Personally, I think this is a great addition to the Snap 14 suite and is, in-fact, powerful enough to be a software product in its own right given the number of features it brings to the table!

With the main screen image and video capture tools within Snap 14 now covered, it is time to look at what is another great addition to the Snap 14 suite — this being the free to use and subscription-free cloud sharing service, Ashampoo Web!

As can be seen above, sending any edited screenshots or video clips to the Ashampoo Web service for quick sharing can easily be achieved thanks to this service being built-in to the Snap 14 suite itself. Once uploaded, any media will remain hosted on the Ashampoo cloud for 1 month and can be shared multiple times during this period. As can be seen above, when sending a file to the Ashampoo Web upload service we will automatically get a browser window open up straight afterwards with the file and sharing details showing, these include the size of the file, the expiry date 1 month away , a view counter and a special URL which can be given out to anyone you might want to share the file with.

Moving further down the right-side sharing menu as can be seen above and here we find even more sharing options built into this service, these include the ability to create a special QR code for sharing the file as well as tool for easily sharing over popular social media networks including Facebook and Twitter amongst others.

Overall, Ashampoo Web is a great inclusion to Snap 14, it comes free to make use of and subscription free and makes the sharing of files both images and videos across email, URL, QR Code and other popular social media networks very quick and easy, great work!

This starts with the inclusion of advanced OCR Optical Character Recognition technology which can be used to turn the contents of an image capture into editable text.

Once the OCR process has completed we will have in the image editing tool a copy of the text in an editable format which can either be edited further or copied straight into another application:.

Moving on and another useful feature within Snap 14 one which can be turned on or off to suit is the floating toolbar which can be placed at the side of the main display so as to make accessing the Snap 14 tool set quick and easy whenever it is needed:. As can be seen above, not only can we turn the floating toolbar feature on or off, but also specify some other options such as what part of the screen it will appear on top, bottom, left or right. Overall, a very useful addition which makes accessing the wide range of tools within Snap 14 even easier!

Finally, amongst the many additional features and functions available within Snap 14, the last one I will be looking at in this section is the customisable hotkeys functionality:. Overall, whilst accessing the various different tools within Snap 14 is fairly easy to begin with, especially so with help from the floating menu, it is still great to see that hotkeys are readily available for power users wanting even quicker screen captures!

Snap 14 is a piece of PC multimedia software and security functionality is not really relevant in this particular review, as such I will be omitting it from the final rating.

Ashampoo have a very useful help and support section on their website featuring product documentation for Snap 14 alongside a comprehensive FAQ section which should be capable of handling most problems you might encounter.

Should you still need to get in touch with a support representative you can submit support tickets online. Also be sure to also check out the Ashampoo deals page to find regular special offers across all Ashampoo software including Ashampoo Snap 14!

Yes, Snap 14 is a very useful application which helps take the making of screenshots and screen video captures to a whole new level! Not only are several very useful functions included in the application including OCR text recognition, pre-set screen capture regions, built-in image and video editors plus the ability to make GIFs within the application but Ashampoo also provide some great sharing functionality thanks to the free to use and subscription-free Ashampoo Web sharing service.

A 30 day free trial of Snap 14 is also available via the official Ashampoo website! Once installed, all screen and video capture tools within Snap 14 can easily be accessed via the main application menu found on the Windows system tray bottom right of the screen.

Snap 14 also provides the use of a floating menu which can be docked at the side of the screen as well as the option of using hotkeys for easily accessing commonly used screen capture functionality. If you are using a fairly modern version of Windows version 7 onwards then you will most likely already have a slightly more powerful screenshot utility available, this being the built-in Windows Snipping Tool application!

Once a screenshot has been taken in the Snipping Tool, a basic editing windows is available where simple makings can be made on the image but this is very basic in comparison to what can be done in the Snap 14 editing window seen earlier on in this review. It should also be pointed out that the Windows Snipping Tool can only be used to capture static images and does not have any screen video capture technology as we see in Snap There is no need to download the Windows Snipping Tool as in the vast majority of cases it should come pre-installed and ready to use with a modern version of Windows!

Corel VideoStudio is not a screen capture utility in itself, but instead a fully functional video editing suite. Click Here to visit the official Corel VideoStudio webpage and take advantage of the 30 day free trial! Snap 14 is a really useful tool which helps take Windows screenshots and video captures to a whole new level. Ideal for anyone who regularly works with various types of media on their PC, Snap 14 allows various screenshot capture scenarios to take place including the capturing of pre- specified regions, automatic time delayed screenshots, freehand region captures plus the ability to edit any screenshots directly within the application itself.


Ashampoo snap 9 test free –

We have 10 licenses for the excellent Ashampoo Snap 9 screenshot/video capture software to give away to 10 lucky winners. With registration (or the free trial configuration) complete, we can now close the installer and open up the full Snap 14 software which will be. Screencast-O-Matic also offers a very capable free version, with screen capture and video recording features. You can upgrade to the deluxe tier (GIF creation.

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