As a results focused motivational speaker, Edmond does more than simply share entertaining stories, insights and cutting-edge information. He motivates audiences to be fearless. Not in the sense of taking unnecessary risks or acting out of character, but fearless in its truest sense; to focus on a goal clearly, strategize effectively, communicate persuasively and act decisively when results are important and outcomes matter. Edmond takes a hands-on approach that combines cutting edge research, real world applications and classic martial art strategies to address our most difficult personal, professional and organisational challenges.


As a peak-performance coach, Edmond helps individuals and organizations from all backgrounds and industries successfully achieve their goals - as they address a broad range of professional, personal and interpersonal challenges and opportunities. He is most interested in understanding the multitude of ways that our thoughts, emotions, behaviour and relationships impact our performance, our success and our health.


Edmond works with public and private organisations, businesses, sport and health agencies, schools, and individuals on a myriad of topics related to performance, resilience, leadership, conflict, safety and interpersonal synergy. He consults with athletes, coaches and sports teams to sharpen mental skills and improve competitive outcomes.

Edmond has a unique background. A licensed psychotherapist, performance expert, author and distinguished senior university lecturer, he is also a high ranking instructor and lifelong veteran of intense traditional karate training. He has coached numerous individuals and teams to national (USA) and international championships, and has personally developed many high-ranking instructors.

Edmond holds a Senior Lecturer position in Health and Sport Science at the Eastern Institute of Technology in New Zealand. Prior to this, he was a Senior Lecturer in Humanities at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), where he was twice recipient of the University Distinguished Teaching award. There, Edmond’s teaching positions spanned across Psychology, Honours, the Graduate School of Education, Physical Education and Recreation, and he served as Director of Martial Arts in Athletics.

Edmond blends these distinctive skills and insights into his training and consulting style – by applying cutting edge research, effective strategies, and real-world applications, to today's most demanding professional, personal and inter-personal challenges. Fundamentally, he is most interested in understanding the multitude of ways that thought, emotion, behaviour and relationships impact our resilience, our performance, our success and our health.

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